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Middle School Educator

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About me

I enjoy fostering curiosity and creativity in the classroom – and modeling to students that learning is a life-long and fun journey.

New to education, but not the classroom.

My professional background has been primarily working with technology for small, medium-sized, and global companies ( Microsoft, Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, G5, WordPress.com ), but all the while I have enjoyed volunteering in a variety of classrooms at Pine Ridge Elementary here in Bend, Oregon.

In the spring of 2022 I had the joy of being a long-term sub for three months teaching 7th and 8th grade social studies. As my daughter Kaydee said perfectly: “teaching makes you happy Dad!” I had an amazing time, and learned so much.

I have always admired educators who have dedicated their professional journey to teaching children, and am honored to be able to help out in classrooms when teachers need to be away. I admire teachers so much, that this fall, I started my journey into the classroom full-time!

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