Where The Wild Things Are

Today I spent my seventh day in a classroom. Well, it was only a half day, and actually just 2.5 hours of classes total. But that 2.5 hours was all in one big block. I was there to guide classes through Social Emotional Learning. It was one of those days where I realized quickly – around the time when little colored plastic tiles meant for identifying our feelings were being used as projectiles – that it would be a day of improv and rolling with the waves.

It was still a great day to be in class. I had some cool moments where kids who wouldn’t initially join the circle and share, slowly get closer in as the class went along. One such friend, I got to hang out with and play LEGO after class. I made a chewbacca to go with his millennium falcon, and of course did my legendary chewie impersonation.

What color are you today?

After School

I picked up my daughter Teagan and we enjoyed the warm January afternoon down at the river, and then out front playing hoops. We then made some amazing banana nut muffins – it was a really fun time hanging with one of my favorite ”students”. And truly one of the benefits of working school hours… the added time with family.

Open For Business

And the last highlight of the day was getting my new substitute cards in the mail. I think they turned out wonderfully and can’t wait to leave a little smile on desks for teachers to discover when they get back to class. Thinking I might tape them to a piece of candy or something. That could be fun.